Chris Blackwood

December 2018

My Gift To Jesus

I had to include something here for dog lovers.  I love dogs, but I’m a cat person.

Ode To Spot

I just thought this one was cool and I had to put it up.  I’m a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Data is my favorite character in the series.

Four Feet In Heaven

I loved this poem the first time I read it.  I never realized that it would mean so much to me.

Another 10 Commandments

I found this a long time ago.  I see that there is another more modernized version of it, but this is the one that says it all.

To My Cat: I Promise

This sums up my personal feelings to the letter.

Raising The Rent

This is really getting ridiculous!

I just received a letter from the management company saying that after reviewing the costs of operating and maintaining this building, they are raising the base rent on my one bedroom apartment from $533.00 to $600.00 a month.  These people are smoking something way better than what I have!


About me

Thank you for visiting my photoblog, "Blacky's Burrow". I started this on December 5, 2018, simply to document the world as I experience it... or how I'd prefer it to be experienced. Hope you enjoy your visit.


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