Chris Blackwood

December 2018

10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube

YouTube is amazing but at one point or the other these countries have blocked YouTube. These are 10 Countries that have blocked YouTube as compiled by Alltime10s.

10 reasons why Nokia 3310 is the best phone ever

Head to head with Nokia 3310 and Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G. Here I compare the boot time of the two phones and Nokia 3310 wins.

12 Hidden Symbols In Famous Logos You Had No Idea About

Take a look at all the famous logos with the hidden messages that might surprise you. Every line and color in the logos of the world’s most famous companies have a whole lot of meaning behind them. From hidden messages in Wendy’s symbol to NBC’s peacock secret – get ready to learn a bunch!

CRAZIEST Things People Did On Planes!

The strangest things that people did on planes! Watch this video to find out all of the weirdest stuff people did on planes like a puppy in the overhead bin and the craziest things that happened on planes!

8 Newest Countries In Existence

The newest countries in existence from around the world! These are the most recent nations to declare independence.


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