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Does This Offend You?

Personally, I’m not a tattoo person, but it’s nice to see that there are people out there that appreciate what President Trump has done for this country and are willing to show it so boldly.
See more Trump tattoos.
The List Of President Trump’s Accomplishments So Far

Something for Saturday

A few of my visitors sent me these. Say hi to Bella and Beau.  These two were found hiding in my friend Steve’s garage.  Steve wanted to take them to the shelter because they already had two cats at home.  Amy on the other hand wanted to keep them. By the time they were half way to the shelter, Steve had convinced Amy that it was for the best.  By the time they got to the shelter, Steve...

Beto’s America

Congress exempted themselves from insider trading laws.  Now you have members of congress who live behind walls, but they don’t want the American people to have that same security.  Under legislation that Democrats are proposing, even the firearms used to protect members of congress could be deemed unlawful.  I think there should be personal consequences for lawmakers who stand between people and...

Feline Friday #2

The Topiary Cat’s Official Slideshow
A sequence of images of The Topiary Cat and the inspiration for them, Tolly, the beloved Russian Blue, now sadly passed away.
Visit the Official Topiary Cats Website.
Get the facts about these incredible beautiful topiary sculptures at
And I always thought that they were real.

Chris Blackwood

Hello and welcome to my blog! Blacky's Burrow is my personal blog about me and my best friends Misty and Johnny. These are the atypical day to day antics of a crazy cat person and a Rose-Point Siamese cat that's just a little crazier.

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