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I’m Glad I Didn’t Go

One of my friends called me 2 days ago asking if I wanted to go to the Trump Rally in Minneapolis that he held last night.  I wanted to go, I really did.  This person got 10 free tickets to the rally from his employer.  Another friend who was a pilot for Northwest Airlines offered to fly everybody down to Minneapolis. As much as I wanted to go, I decided against it, and I think it was a good...

The Last Couple of Weeks

It’s been a rough but good couple of weeks here in Virginia, Minnesota.  I took the advice of a friend and found another doctor.  The one I was going to was totally shocked when I told her that I was no longer taking medications of any kind for any reason.  She sat down at the desk, whipped out her prescription pad, and said “so you’ll need refills on everything.  I can take care of that.” I told...

Something for Saturday

A few of my visitors sent me these. Say hi to Bella and Beau.  These two were found hiding in my friend Steve’s garage.  Steve wanted to take them to the shelter because they already had two cats at home.  Amy on the other hand wanted to keep them. By the time they were half way to the shelter, Steve had convinced Amy that it was for the best.  By the time they got to the shelter, Steve...

I finally figured it out

Well, I figured that if I went after it enough, I would figure out the problems here and I did with a little help from my friend Chris in St. Paul and the tech support from my host The last couple of days since I updated to WordPress v5.2.3 have been totally insane. Everything on the front end seemed to be working fine, or at least nobody has told me if they had any problems. The problem...

Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

Hello and welcome to my blog! Blacky's Burrow is my personal blog about me and my best friends Misty and Johnny. These are the atypical day to day antics of a crazy cat person and a Rose-Point Siamese cat that's just a little crazier.

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