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Just because it was random and I didn’t know where else to put it.

Totally Brilliant!

I watched the entire Cory Lewandowsky Testimony before the senate judicial committee.  Lewandowsky was brilliant in the way he handled the questions that they really never had a chance to ask. Lewandowski becomes first witness to testify in impeachment probe Best Moments From The Lewandowski Hearing Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’s full questioning of Corey Lewandowski If you would like to read the full...

A Perfect Quote

Sen. Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case
I was listening to Fox News this evening when this guy came on a segment about the Democrats putting a gun control bill in front of the President.
I loved his quote.

The Trump – Russia Dossier [Full Text]

The Trump–Russia dossier, also known as the Steele dossier, is a private intelligence report written from June to December 2016 containing allegations of misconduct and conspiracy between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Government of Russia during the 2016 election. The dossier comprises 17 memos and was authored by Christopher Steele, a former head of the Russia Desk for...

Caffeine & Kitty Treats

Chris Blackwood

Hello and welcome to my blog! Blacky's Burrow is my personal blog about me and my best friends Misty and Johnny. These are the atypical day to day antics of a crazy cat person and a Rose-Point Siamese cat that's just a little crazier.

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